Do You Know About Custom Lists?

Making Your Lynx Software Work for You

There are a number of little-known features in SharpLynx and Uniwell Lynx that are incredibly useful.  We’d like to take this opportunity to explain one of them to you.  You might find that there is something here that can help you get more out of your investment in Lynx Software.

What Are ‘Custom Lists’?

Customs Lists are an extremely powerful reporting tool.  They allow you to categorize your stock in multiple ways (in addition to your Departments), so you can then see sales and stock reports based on those categorizations.

How Do I Set Them Up?

You can enter master descriptions for you Custom Lists in the Customize screen (for instance one custom list might be ‘Brand’, another could be ‘Food Type’).

You then create the categories for your Custom Lists – this is done in ‘Item Custom Lists’ screen on the Setup menu.  So using those examples, perhaps your ‘Brands’ list could contain entries like ‘Coca-Cola’, ‘Arnotts’, etc.  Your ‘Food Type’ list might contain entries like ‘Fresh food’, ‘Pre-packaged’, ‘Cooked here’, etc.

Then when you go to the Add/Modify Items screen, you can click on the Custom Lists tab, and associate that item with one of the categories you created in each of your Custom Lists. (Of course, you can choose not to associate an item with one or all of your Custom Lists).

Getting Reports Based on Custom Lists

Any report based on Item data can be filtered by Custom List.  You’ll see the drop-down boxes on the right hand side of the report selection screen.  So when you set up some practical Custom Lists, you open up a way to analyse your business on a whole new level.

We hope you find this brief explanation to be useful, and can think of ways of using this powerful feature of Lynx Software products to benefit yourself and your business.

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