Get To Your Stock Database Faster!

Technical Note Regarding Your Lynx Software Shortcuts

When Lynx Software is installed on your computer, the installation process includes creating ‘Shortcuts’ that allow quick access to open the software – one on the desktop and one in the Start Menu (under the Lynx Software heading).

By default, these shortcuts will open up your Lynx Software program to a ‘Welcome’ screen that allows you to choose which Lynx database you wish to open.  It should be noted that most sites only have one Lynx database that they wish to open regularly.

So as part of our LynxAssist support subscription service, we generally modify your desktop icon to link directly to your typical database.  This is done by adding the path of the database to the Target line of the Shortcut Properties (as shown below).  This allows you to get to your database immediately, saving time and potential confusion.

However keep in mind that every shortcut has its own set of properties, so if the software is being accessed via another icon that has not been modified, or by a different ‘User Account’ in Windows, the Welcome Screen won’t be bypassed and the user will need to select the database to be opened.

If you would like to receive assistance in this, or any other Lynx Software support matter, please send us an email and we can provide you with the help you need.


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