Streamline Your Software by Customizing Your Data

Lynx Software programs are designed to cater for the needs of a variety of businesses.  Our software sits as comfortably in a simple, single cash register installation as it does in a complex multi-store stock control set up.  But for small installations, all of that inbuilt versatility might cause some confusion.

So how can the operator of a basic site simplify their data so that their system is less cluttered?  After all, every business has its own unique requirements, and the ability to customize your data to suit those needs makes the system more relevant to you.

Here are some basic suggestions:

  • Price Levels – Go to the Price Levels screen (in the Setup menu) and delete any unused price levels.  Also rename the price levels so the descriptions throughout the software are relevant to your business.
  • PLU Programs – Go to Customize screen (in the Setup menu) and delete the descriptions for all the Programs you are not using – most single-register sites only need 1 Program.  This will remove references to the unused programs on your Item screen.
  • Tax Codes – Go to the Tax Codes screen (in the Setup menu) and ensure that the description for tax codes you are not using is left blank.  Only the Tax Code(s) relevant to your system will show up on your Item screen.

These are very simple suggestions to implement, but they make the software less cluttered and easier to use.  It’s our aim to help you to get the most out of your Lynx Software package!

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