Ensure Your Tax Settings Are Configured Correctly

To ensure that your GST/Tax figures are correctly accounted for and reported by your cash registers and Lynx Software, it is important to ensure that the following configuration is adhered to:

  1. Check with your cash register supplier that the appropriate tax codes are programmed into your cash register(s), and that other tax-related settings are also correct.
  2. The same Tax Codes need to be set up in your Lynx Software program.  The Tax Codes screen can be found in the Setup menu of the software.
  3. Note: Lynx Software recommends that a 0% tax code is set up, so that all non-taxable items and departments can be assigned to it – this configuration allows for more comprehensive tax-related reporting in your software.
  4. Ensure that your Departments/Groups are assigned to a Tax Code.
  5. Departments/Groups should contain only items that are assigned to the same Tax Code that the department is assigned to.
  6. Items should be assigned to a Tax Code if applicable.

If you have any questions about these settings, please contact your Lynx Software Dealer.  LynxAssist Support Subscribers can contact us here at POSLynx to ensure that their software is correctly configured to provide accurate reporting of tax related information.

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