How Does LynxAssist Remote Support Work?

With our LynxAssist remote support service, a support consultant can connect to your computer, take over the desktop to demonstrate procedures, perform testing and troubleshooting tasks, copy needed files to and from your computer and perform software upgrades or other support functions.  This recent innovation has made a massive difference to the level of support we can directly provide to remote sites, allowing us to assist Lynx Software installations around Australia and the world!

At POSLynx, we use TeamViewer software to gain remote access.  This seems to be one of the more simple and secure remote access solutions available.  Lynx Software v5 packages automatically install TeamViewer Quick Support (so that you can start a remote support session) – simply go to the Help menu of your software to find a shortcut.  Those on older versions can download the needed file from the TeamViewer Downloads page.

Do you need a broadband (DSL/cable/satellite) internet connection?

Yes.  However bear in mind that this doesn’t need to be a permanent connection.  If the computer controlling your Lynx Software doesn’t permanently connect to the internet, you can temporarily connect a USB ‘Wireless Broadband’ modem at the time that the support is required.

Is it secure?

Remote Access software typically requires the end-user to provide information (such as a password) to the support consultant to allow them to log on to your computer.  This ensures that you have control of who can access your computer.  At POSLynx, we generally prefer you to be at the computer when your remote support work is happening, so you can see what is going on and can possibly learn from the support processes we conduct.  However, if a situation arises where we have time-consuming upgrade or data entry to perform, you can connect us and then go about your business.  If you are not present when we are finished, we’ll leave a note on your screen for you and ‘log off’.

Important:  Do not give remote access software passwords to a person you are not expecting contact from.  There have been some scams where a ‘technician’ from a so-called reputable software company rings up and encourages the end user to give them remote access (usually by informing the user that they have a virus or a problem with their software), causing problems on the computer or stealing information.

POSLynx will generally be accessing your computer in response to a call from you.  However, if we are due to do a software upgrade for you, we will always make a personal appointment by email beforehand.

Can I talk to the person doing the support via the Remote Access Software?

If you have a headset (or speakers and a microphone) and the internet speed is reasonable, you can ‘chat’ with your support consultant while they are doing their support work on your computer.  This might be a good opportunity to ask questions or receive some pointers in getting more out of your software.

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