Understanding Software Modules in Lynx Software

Lynx Software programs (SharpLynx and Uniwell Lynx) are divided up into a CORE PROGRAM and a set of OPTIONAL MODULES.  This design keeps the software as simple and affordable as possible for end-users who only want to use a limited subset of the software’s functionality, and allows them to acquire only the components of the software that are needed for each installation.

If you are looking to purchase a Lynx Software program,
you need a basic understanding of what each module does
so that you can select the options that meet your needs

Here is a brief overview of the different features of each module:

Core Program (SharpLynx, Uniwell Lynx)
  • Cash Register communication (including scheduler)
  • Program Group/Department, Item/Barcode/PLU and selling price in your cash register
  • Detailed Sales Reporting
    • Collected GST/tax amounts on sales are retrieved from the cash register and reported in the software
    • Profit reporting in core programs is based on a cost price against each item that is manually editable
  • Automated Email / Cloud Reporting
  • Export to Label Printing software

Note: The Core program doesn’t include any stock control features…

Stock Control Module
  • Simple (1 for 1) stock control
  • Single location stock holding
  • Perform complete or partial stocktakes
  • Optional integration with selected PDTs for remote stock entry
  • Track stock purchases/returns, write-offs and in-house (product to product) transfers
  • More detailed item cost analysis
  • Supplier tracking and purchase order generation
  • Detailed Stock Control reporting
Demonstration video:
Linked Items Module
  • Component stock control (partial item breakdown – eg. glass of beer extracted from keg volume)
  • Combination stock control (multiple items linked to one sale item – eg. Burger Combo)
  • Recipe stock control (multiple partial items)

Note: This module must be used in conjunction with the Stock Control module.  As such, you cannot order the Linked Items module for a site that doesn’t have the Stock Control module.

Demonstration video:
Multi-Location Module
  • Allows your database to be divided into multiple locations
    • eg. Multiple areas across a single venue or multiple remote stores with a central database
  • This module can be added to the Core program simply to allow sales analysis at a location/store level
    • Individual cash registers in the database are associated with a Location
  • More often used in conjunction with stock control modules allowing independent stock holdings in different locations
  • Sales and stock reports can be narrowed down to a specific location level
Demonstration Video:
Customers Module 
  • Integrates with the Customer Accounts file of selected cash registers
  • Collects Customer Transactions from the cash registers for reporting purposes

Lynx Software’s modular approach provides simplicity and flexibility for end-users and resellers alike.  It is simply a matter of understanding what features are needed for a potential Lynx Software site, and then acquiring the modules to suit.  We hope this overview will aid you in your endeavours to get the most out of these products.

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