Software Tip: Generate Valid Check-Digits for Bar Codes

We regularly have clients who want to create their own in-house bar codes to be used with scanners attached to their cash registers.

Depending on the cash register brand/model you are using, the number you enter as a bar code will probably need to meet a bar code format standard (such as EAN-13, or UPC-A) and have a valid check digit.

What is a check digit in a bar code?

According to GS1 Australia, the check digit is ‘the last number encoded in a bar code. It is calculated using the preceding digits and is used to validate the accuracy of the entire number.’

Did you know that you can get your Lynx Software program to create a valid check digit for you?

Enter the desired in-house number in the ‘Barcodes’ field of the Items screen in your Lynx Software program, and enter the hash symbol (#) in place of the final digit.

  • eg. If you want to to generate a 13 digit bar code (EAN-13), the number you enter might look like this: 912345678901#

Check digit query

When you click or tab off the ‘Barcodes’ field, your Lynx Software program will replace the # with the valid check digit for that code.

Check digit solution

If you require more information on generating in-house bar codes, contact your Lynx Software support provider.

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