3 Key Components of a Successful Lynx Software Installation

The aim of Lynx Software is to provide a product that helps end-users to save time, be more efficient and access valuable information that makes a tangible difference to the running of their business.

However experience has told us that the success of each individual Lynx Software installation requires more than developing a stable, feature-rich software program. End-user satisfaction, particularly long-term, relies on how well the software is implemented, under the guidance of the POS installer and support provider.


Here are some of the key components both resellers and end-users need to keep in mind about making a success of any Lynx Software installation:

Build an Organised Data File

It is extremely important that forethought goes in to the organisation of the Lynx Software stock file. Easy to follow item coding conventions for Stock Items and consistent product description data make a big difference to how easy the software is to use over a long-term basis. The old saying is: ‘Rubbish in, rubbish out’. A well organised stock file means that specific data is easier to search for, ongoing product additions and modifications are better structured, detailed reports are clearer and more logical, and new staff members get up to speed with software operations far quicker.

Clear End-User Training

There are two significant challenges when it comes to providing adequate training for end-users to use their software effectively: (1) Remembering everything that the end-user needs to know, and (2) Allocating enough ‘distraction-free’ time to provide the required training.

It is therefore a good idea to have a documented training structure in place. This can be as simple as a checklist of software features to discuss, and the best order to do it in.

Also, using the demonstration videos that POSLynx has developed for its LynxAssist YouTube channel as part of the program means that the end-user can do some training at their own pace, at times that are more convenient, and perhaps even at home.

Then, when the support provider and end-user do make an appointment to go through specific information one-on-one, the time needed is reduced and better spent as the basics have already been covered.  Wasted time and ongoing support are minimised by having a well thought out training structure, and utilising the tools that Lynx Software and POSLynx make available.

Timely Support and Up-to-Date Software

Ongoing software support takes time and costs money. However, with the modern advent of remote access via the internet, the majority of software support issues and upgrades can be handled without the need for the support provider to go onsite. Lynx Software uses TeamViewer as its in-house remote access software. When an end-user has a problem, the support provider can connect via remote access, see the problem demonstrated and provide the necessary guidance to fix it. And if retrieving the data is required for further testing and troubleshooting by the support provider or developer, that can be done immediately.

Remember, the success of a Lynx Software site is dependent on all the parties involved – the end-user investing the time and effort in getting what they want from the software, the POS installer and support provider  delivering the training and ongoing backup that the end-user needs, and Lynx Software continuing to develop a good solution for business operators.


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