4 Lynx Software Reminders to Kick Off 2017

Welcome to 2017!  Having completed another lap of the sun and survived the perils of the ‘silly season’, we thought it would be a good time to offer some timely reminders to Lynx Software users.

1. Have you checked your database lately?

How’s this for a ‘new year’s resolution’ – make sure you have a database backup routine!  The benefits of backing up critical data, like your Uniwell Lynx or SharpLynx database (*.lnx), are well documented.  Checking that your automated backups are working and that you are regularly storing backups off site (or in ‘the cloud’) would be a highly worthwhile activity during the first week back in 2017.

At the same time, check the size of your operational database.  You can easily do this by looking at the ‘Shortcut Bar’ in your software:


The size limit of MS Access databases is 2Gb.  However, we strongly recommend that you archive data once your database gets above 1Gb in size.  And bear in mind the operational and processing speed benefits of keeping your database at a reasonable size.

If you have any queries about this, or require assistance to archive your Lynx Software database, please contact your support provider.

2. Are you using the Email or Cloud Reporting facilities?

In recent versions of Uniwell Lynx and SharpLynx, features allowing end-users to export PDF reports to an email or cloud drive have been greatly expanded.  You can directly send reports this way to selected recipients, or you can set up Scheduled Jobs to export pre-configured reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Do you want to send a monthly sales report to key management, or your accountant?
  • Do you want a weekly reorder report to go to your purchasing officer?
  • Would you like to see an emailed ‘end-of-day’ sales report after sales data has been collected from your POS terminals?

Its is easy to set up your software to send emails or save to local ‘cloud’ folders – just ask your Lynx Software support provider for assistance.

3. Version 8 to be released on January 30, 2017

We’re excited about the new features that Lynx Software has developed for version 8.  Without stealing the developer’s thunder, we’ll just say that there are a number of excellent improvements in the upcoming new version.

If you are a current LynxAssist support subscriber, you will be entitled to a free upgrade license from v7 to v8.  Please contact Justin at POSLynx to tee up your remote upgrade installation during February or March.

For end-users who are using an older version of Uniwell Lynx or SharpLynx, now is the time to upgrade!  If you order and pay for your software upgrade by January 27, you’ll be able to get the upgrade to v8 at v7 upgrade pricing.  Contact your support provider or POSLynx for details.

 4. Version 4 is no longer supported

On December 31, 2016 Uniwell Lynx v4 and SharpLynx v4 reached the end of their ‘Support Lifecycle’.  Lynx Software and POSLynx will not be able to provide any further support to sites using these older versions, unless they are upgraded.

There are a number of definite advantages to bringing your software up to the latest version:

  • Take advantage of the latest developments and refinements
  • Your software will be compatible with the latest operating systems and POS hardware
  • Improved support and training facilities
  • Most upgrades can be performed remotely, saving time and expense

We’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  We hope your businesses continue to be successful, and that we can help you take good advantage of your Lynx Software systems.

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