Benefits of Stocktaking Using a Portable Data Terminal

Depending on the size of your stock inventory, performing a stocktake can be a massive task.  And while having a stock control system in place might alleviate the headache of not knowing what products you have on the shelf, you will still need to perform a physical count of your stock periodically to verify that your system is operating properly and to ensure that you are not losing stock in ways that are not being accounted for in your stock control software.

Lynx Software users benefit greatly from the easy-to-use Stocktake facility available in the Stock Control module of their software.  However if you do have a large site (or multiple sites) to count, the process can still be labour intensive – you need to print your stocktake sheets, physically visit each item, count it, find it on the sheet and record it, and then return to the computer, tally up the results and enter them into the database.

With this in mind, Uniwell Lynx users have the option of purchasing a Portable Data Terminal (PDT) – a handheld mobile computer with built-in barcode scanner that enables them to perform stocktakes far more efficiently.  Then… simply scan the barcodes of each item, enter the quantity into the PDT, and then import the figures directly into the Stocktake screen of the Lynx Software program.

Here is a brief outline of some of the benefits of using a PDT for stocktaking:

  • Saves time – while you will still have to physically go to your stock, time spent finding it on your stocktake sheet is saved because you simply scan each item and enter the count.  Additionally, time taken to tally up results and enter them into a Stocktake screen is saved, as the PDT software does the tallying for you and you simply extract the data from the PDT directly to the Stocktake screen.  This could save you hours – time that could be better spent performing other important tasks in your business!
  • More accurate – while all care will be taken to record a manual stocktake accurately, it’s likely that mistakes will be made.  However the use of a PDT lessens the room for error – you won’t have to worry about whether you’ve written the count next to the correct item because the PDT will scan the barcode, find the item and associate the count directly.  And you won’t have to spend time decoding the handwriting of a fellow staff member whose scribbles seem more at home on a doctor’s prescription pad.  And increased count accuracy means less time spent tracking down anomalies.
  • Saves paper – OK, this might not seem to be a big thing, but with an ever increasing focus on the environment and wise use of resources, many businesses are doing their best to minimise the use of this office resource.  Also, paperwork can get misplaced, lost or damaged.  Who of us haven’t written something down and then put the piece of paper on the ‘black hole’ we call a desk – never to be seen again, or only to turn up 3 months after we needed it?
  • Partial stocktakes are easier to perform – with the aforementioned benefits, it actually becomes much easier to perform a periodic partial stocktake on a certain section of your business.  Perhaps you have high value stock that you want to keep a closer eye on, or you feel that you are losing stock for some reason and want to increase the regularity of performing spot-checks.  You can simply scan the items you want to count into your PDT, import the results into your Lynx Software as a partial stocktake, and make the necessary data analysis.

If you would like to know more about how Uniwell’s purpose built stocktaking PDT solution, uStocktaker, works please visit the uStocktaker page on our website.  We are sure that you will find this product to be a worthwhile investment for your business.


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