Hospitality’s Recovery Linked to Smart Use of Technology

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It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year of great uncertainty for the majority of hospitality businesses. In order to survive, solutions that introduce new ways for customers to support venues and enhance consumer confidence have become critical. Additionally, finding ways to improve processes and minimise waste provides tangible cost savings and promotes sustainability.

Here are three key areas where technology is being constantly developed to aid the recovery of the sector:

  1. Digital food ordering
    • Direct online ordering (rather than through 3rd party providers) has greatly improved takeaway and delivery profitability, while also maximising the direct connection between customer and venue
    • Skip-the-queue apps and self-order kiosks promote social distancing and allow a self-paced experience
    • In-house ordering through the customer’s own device also reduces potentially concerning touch points
  2. Modernised customer engagement
    • Increased use of social media has provided a convenient and cost-effective communication channel
    • Collecting customer and sales data through digital ordering processes provides opportunities for targeted, mutually beneficial promotions
    • Electronic gift card solutions are a popular means for loyal customers to support local businesses
  3. Profitability gains through improved efficiency
    • POS-integrated electronic ordering improves accuracy and reduces waste
    • Detailed sales data analysis enables better staff and inventory management
    • Process automation saves staff time and allows a greater focus on customer service

There is a legitimate opportunity for hospitality venues to rethink their business model, innovate with new selling and engagement platforms and streamline operations.

While the economic impact of the coronavirus has severely dented the industry, the smart use of technology has provided opportunities for many businesses to adapt and remain viable.

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