How to Transfer Your Lynx Software from One Computer to Another – updated

Your Lynx Software program is licensed to the computer it is originally installed on.  However, occasionally there is a need to move your Lynx Software program from one computer to another.  Perhaps you are upgrading your computer hardware, restructuring your computer/POS network, or have had a computer crash of some sort and need to get your software going again.

Install the Software and Copy the Database

The first step is to install the same, or later, version of the software on to the new PC. Here are 3 important points to consider when installing the Lynx Software program you want to use on a new computer:

  1. If the new computer has a different operating system to your old PC, make sure you check that the Lynx Software version you are installing is compatible with the operating system:
    • Note: Windows 10 support was added in Uniwell Lynx & SharpLynx v6
  2. It is imperative that the Lynx Software you are installing on the new computer is the same major version as was being used on the original computer, and that the minor version is equal to or later than the original. (The digit(s) prior to the first decimal point in the version number denote the major version, the next 2 digits (denoted by VV) are the minor version – eg 11.VV.XXXX)
  3. If you need to download software from the Lynx Software product website, please note that only currently supported versions are available for download.  If you are trying to install an older, unsupported version, and don’t have an installation CD or a backup of the installation file, you are most likely going to have to upgrade your software to the latest version
    • Note: As of December 31 2020, version 8 (and earlier) of Uniwell Lynx & SharpLynx are no longer supported by the software developer (see Lynx Software website)

Once you have installed the software, you can copy the data file (*.LNX) or your most recent backup across to the new PC’s installation directory.

The next step is to open the software and license it on the new computer.  How you do that will depend on whether you have a USB License Key or an Electronic License.  But either way, you’ll need to have your Lynx Software license details ready to be able to complete this process.

Transferring an Electronic License (ELA)

To transfer an Electronic License to another PC it must first be deactivated on the original PC. An internet connection is required for the deactivation process. To deactivate the license go to Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Lynx Software > Uniwell Lynx v(11) Deactivate License. After the license has been deactivated the software can then be activated on the new PC.  Each ELA is limited to a total of 5 activations – so it can be moved 4 times after the original installation.

It is also important to note that a major hardware upgrade such as replacing a hard drive or motherboard will most likely require deactivation/reactivation of the Lynx Software license.

To reactivate the license on your new computer, you’ll need your Electronic License ID and Password.  If you don’t have those details, contact your Lynx Software Support Provider.

Please note:
If an ELA has not been deactivated correctly, it cannot be reactivated on a different computer. 
In such a case Lynx Software charges an administrative fee to reissue a replacement ELA. However, whether a replacement ELA is issued in such cases is completely at the discretion of Lynx Software and POSLynx

Transferring a USB License Key

To transfer a USB Licence Key to another computer simply attach the USB License Key to the new computer and re-enter the license details when prompted.

The software will function when the USB key is in the computer and operational (light on).

Other Settings

Remember that there will be settings unique to each computer that will need to be checked before your software will function correctly.

For instance, for cash registers that communicate via the COM port, you will need to adjust the Sales Terminal port settings to reflect your new hardware.  Also, some of the Lynx Software settings found in the Preferences screen, such as backup location and email configuration, are stored in the computers registry and will need to be set up again in the software.

If you need to go through this process and are unsure, contact your Lynx Software Support Provider for assistance in getting your software up and running on the new computer.

This article was updated in 2021 to include the latest version-relevant information

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