LynxScan Portable Data Terminal Software

Barcode Logic, a specialist scanning and stocktake solution provider, has developed a software program suitable for selected Portable Data Terminal models – called ‘LynxScan‘ – that integrates with Lynx Software packages.  This program allows users of Uniwell Lynx  and SharpLynx to remotely perform stocktakes and stock transfers, generate purchase orders and receive stock purchases using a ‘LynxScan PDT’.

Note: LynxScan is only available on Portable Data Terminals supplied specifically for Lynx Software users by Barcode Logic, Lynx Software, POSLynx, Uniwell POS Australia and their authorised resellers.

POSLynx can supply a Datalogic Memor X3 terminal (batch communication model only) preloaded with LynxScan for Lynx Software sites within Australia.

A technical datasheet for the Memor X3 terminal can be downloaded by clicking on the image below:

memorx3 largeThe price for this PDT / software bundle
is $1 375.00
(includes GST and delivery within Australia)

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The User Guide for LynxScan can be downloaded
by clicking on the Barcode Logic logo below: