Don’t Get Left Behind – Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Software

Computer software has come a long way in the last 30 years. Consider the difference between earliest versions of Windows (released in the mid 1980’s) and the capabilities of Windows 10. As technology advances and computer hardware improves both in speed and capacity, it seems that this trend of ongoing development will continue.

The same is true on a smaller scale for software developers like Lynx Software.

So when a new version of your Lynx Software program comes out, should you upgrade?  After all, your old software might be working just fine… is it worth the effort and expense?  Here are 4 points to consider when weighing up whether or not you should upgrade your Lynx Software program.

Wordpress newSoftware Improvements and New Features

Software development is an ongoing process. Every week we receive requests and suggestions from our resellers and end-users of features that they’d like to see developed in the software. As we gather and collate this feedback, we can ascertain what priorities our existing clientele have as far as their POS systems are concerned.

At POSLynx, we have a close working relationship with the developer of Lynx Software.  So, when product development plans are taking shape, we provide the feedback we’ve received.  This is taken into consideration when we discuss what new or improved software features would be of advantage.  We also look at current market trends and future industry directions.  The result is a range of enhancements to the software – such as an update to the User Interface (how the software looks and is used), new or improved reports, and enhanced features.

By upgrading your software, you ensure that you can take advantage of this research and development.

In fact, some users are able to get even more out of their upgraded software by taking advantage of features that weren’t possible when they first acquired the software some time ago.  A good example of this would be the ability to schedule an email with pre-configured reports, or saving them to a ‘cloud’ drive.  This is a particularly powerful management feature of recent versions which users of previous versions may find extremely useful.

Will You Need to Upgrade Your Computer or POS Hardware?

An important factor to weigh up when considering any upgrade to software is whether your current computer meets the ‘System Requirements’ of the new program.  This could be particularly critical if your existing software is on an old computer that is almost near its processing or memory capacity.  Conversely, some users want to upgrade their computer hardware, and when doing so are surprised to find out that their old software won’t work with the latest operating systems.  (See Operating System Compatibility and Support for Lynx Software Versions)

If you are unsure whether the latest version of Lynx Software is compatible with your existing cash registers or POS terminals, it is always worthwhile asking the question of your support provider before committing to the upgrade.  And again, newer cash register models and firmware versions may only be available in more recent Lynx Software releases.  So if you are considering adding new POS terminals to your system, you’ll need to bear that in mind.

Improved Back-Up From Your Support Provider

Another consideration when deciding about upgrading is the ability to receive better support for more recent versions.  Because program features change and improve with each version, it can be difficult for support providers to keep track of older functionality and be able to provide the best advice based on an old version’s capabilities (imagine being asked now to remotely talk someone through operating Windows 95).  Additionally supporting old versions can also become difficult if it means keeping older, compatible equipment to enable product testing and troubleshooting.

Software versions have a ‘support life’ – a period of time where the software developer will continue to provide technical support, and perform ‘bug’ fixes.  However, after a set period of time, that support expires.  For instance the support life-cycle for version 4 of Lynx Software packages, which were first released in mid-2012, ends on December 31, 2016.  If problems occur at a v4 end-user’s site after that date, they would need to upgrade to be able to receive adequate help.

It is also worth noting that end-users who purchase an upgrade either directly through POSLynx or from one of our Resellers also receive a 12 month LynxAssist Support Subscription. So part of the benefit of upgrading is the availability of specialised support, including remote training sessions, online videos and tutorials and uncapped email support.

Upgrades Can Usually Be Done Remotely

For sites that do not need to change computer or POS hardware and who have a good internet connection, your software upgrade can be performed remotely.  At POSLynx we use TeamViewer to perform Lynx Software upgrades all around Australia and beyond.  This saves you money (we don’t have to charge call-out fees or travel) and time.

With the ongoing development of Lynx Software’s products, you need to consider the benefits of keeping up-to-date – including the software enhancements, new features and the improved support you’ll receive.  And feel free to contact POSLynx or your Lynx Software support provider if you have any queries.

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