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  • Can you improve the operation of your cash register software?
  • Are there features of your Uniwell Lynx, SharpLynx or SamLynx system that you could be taking advantage of?
  • Do you need advice about setting your stock control up correctly?

A LynxAssist Data Health Check is preventative maintenance
for your Lynx Software system

We arrange to connect to your computer via the internet (using TeamViewer software) while talking to you on the phone/Skype, and do the following tasks for you:

  • Check your software version to see if you are using the latest version you are licensed for
  • Check your database file size, age of data, backup settings
  • Set up your desktop icon to connect directly to the database (if possible on your computer)
  • Data checks:
    • Communications Log for recurring problems
    • Customisation settings
    • Look for other signs of operational errors (incorrect Tax Codes, unprocessed Sales Batches, empty Linked Items, Sales Terminal setup issues, etc)
  • Set up email settings to allow emailing of reports (you will need to enter your email account details)
  • Backup and Optimise your Database
  • Provide a written report that includes directions to online training information that can assist you in using your Lynx Software

How do you arrange a LynxAssist Data Health Check
for your Lynx Software system?

  • A LynxAssist Data Health Check is now included in Lynx Software Upgrades performed by POSLynx
  • Renewing your LynxAssist Support Subscription entitles the subscriber to an annual LynxAssist Data Health Check
  • You can organise a no obligation LynxAssist Data Health Check for your system – for $99.  And we will discount that amount from a subsequent Lynx Software Upgrade you receive from us (if ordered within 30 days)

If you have have any doubts about whether we have the ability
to help you sort your Lynx Software system out –
check out our Client Recommendations page!

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