Refund Claim Procedure

Our primary aim is to make sure you are happy with your Lynx Software package.  However, on the rare occasion where you feel that you are entitled to a refund, please follow the appropriate procedure listed below:

  • End users who purchase Lynx Software products directly from POSLynx should contact us for problem resolution and support
  • End users who purchase software from a Lynx Software Reseller should contact the business they purchased the software from, and process their claim under that company’s refund policy
  • Lynx Software Resellers can notify us if a problem arises with a software user that purchased software from them and may request a refund by filling in the Software Refund Claim form on our Reseller website

Please note: 

  • We do not offer refunds if you ‘change your mind’ after purchasing software.  Potential clients are encouraged to take advantage of the 30 day Free Trial (Electronic License Activation) to ensure that the applicable Lynx Software program will suit their needs
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