Support Charges

POSLynx does not typically cater for one-off Lynx Software support instances.  We believe that software support should involve ongoing efforts to assist an end-user to benefit from their investment.  It is very rare that support is provided and there is no need for follow-up assistance or reminders.

With that in mind, our support services are designed for:

  • Lynx Software end-users who have a current annual subscription to our support services
  • Lynx Software resellers who have purchased a software license from us for one of their clients, which is still within the Lynx Software Support Life-Cycle

Additionally, we have provided a series of online documents and videos that are available to all Lynx Software users to assist them in learning how to use Lynx Software products effectively.

However, on the rare occasions where we do offer to provide specific support for a Lynx Software site outside these parameters, the following are the indicative costs for our support (office-hours only):

  • Initial Support Consultation (up to 15 minutes): $44.00 (inc. GST)
  • Phone or email support including all required testing and correspondence:  Initial Support Consultation: $27.50 per 15-minutes (inc. GST)
  • TeamViewer remote troubleshooting and training sessions:  $55.00 per 30-minutes (inc. GST)
  • On site support including required travel time (but not including out-of-pocket travel costs):  $110.00 per hour (inc. GST) (minimum charge – 3 hours)

Please note: We will not charge you for support without your first accepting a quote.  If support is initially requested by email, we will respond to the email with a brief answer or some direction of where to seek appropriate help, along with an indication of options available to you should the support require further attention.

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